a girl named james


new adventures

i co-founded a mobile agency named small society, which recently got acquired by Walmart Labs.
Here's the scoop on our new adventure.

ferny goodness

imagining them naked

despite what the butterflies in my tummy tell me, i don't mind public speaking. recently-
ignite | ama keynote

my mama, pregnant with me

raising the kidbot

who was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder (SPD).
i (used to) write about that.

the kidbot loves pocket god.  #iPhone

fancy paper weights

my work helped win a silver cyber lion, a silver integrated lion, multiple webby honorees, a few daveys and more...

me!  @ the mothership

i'm an apple geek

so it was really cool to have some of our work appear -
here | here | and,
also here (shh!)....


i like to write

samples include my neglected blog | and some articles

lego wars

a little bit o press

this is a nice overview of how we started our company. also, you can follow us on twitter.

t likes to help with the gnitting pictures

some chit chat and tiki drinks

watch raven and i on strange love live, the best local tech podcast in the nw. yes, lots of rum.